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CITY COUNCIL MINUTES - August 6, 1982 <br />B. BUDGET STUDY SESSION (continued) : <br />Account #1-404 - City Attorney <br />PASSED BY CONSENSUS: To remove the $3,000 reserve for unanticipated litigation <br />expenses frau the amount given for professional services ($29,514) for a more <br />accurate accounting of direct costs and litigation costs. (#22 'professional <br />services') <br />Account #1-405 - Planning <br />PASSED BY CONSENSUS: To change the effective date for the chane in vehicle expense <br />(#17) from 7/1/82 to 8/1/82. <br />Account #1-406 - Non-DepartMcntal <br />No changes. <br />During the discussion on Accounts 1-400 through 1-406 several a�ts, suggestions <br />and reamnerdations were made. A summary of these oowments is given below. <br />Louise Dronkert, 27431 Black Mountain Road, noted that since it would not be possible <br />to totally repay what COUnCilmlembers spent for expenses, the account name should <br />clearly state what the money was being paid for. Mrs. Dronkert further inquired <br />about overtime and compensatory time and the possibility of having the janitorial <br />services for Tom Hall and Council Chwibers worked into the regular schedule of the <br />crew. Regarding the Chamber of Can[erce, Mrs. Dronkert noted that they did provide <br />a map which included the Tuan and which was quite helpful and she suggested the <br />possibility of a joint Chamber of Com eroe. <br />MOTION SSODNDED ASID CARRIED: Moved by Allison, seconded by van Tamelen and passed <br />unanimously by all members present to direct the staff to obtain prior approval <br />from the City Manages for all reimbursable travel expenses outside of Santa Clara <br />County. In addition all reimbursable travel expenses outside of Santa Clara County <br />by Councilmanbers should receive prior approval at a City Council Meeting. <br />PASSED BY CONSENSUS: To route the Sacramento Newsletter annung Councilmanbers as <br />a cost-saving factor. <br />PASSED BY CONSENSUS: To direct the City Manager to show a breakdown of fringe <br />benefits, including PERS benefits, for each departmental budget. <br />Allison suggested staff consider the possibility of updating the Municipal Code <br />at the staff level as a temporary measure until funding was available for proper <br />codification. <br />PASSED BY CONSENSUS: To direct the City Attorney to investigate the possibility <br />of selling a set of code books and obtaining revenue for the Town. These books <br />were originally purchased by the Town but in the Attorney's opinion could be sold <br />at this time. <br />PASSED BY CONSENSUS: To agendiw cm pensation of City Attorney to the next <br />regularly scheduled Council meeting. <br />-3- <br />