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CPPV ODUNCIL MINUTES - Septenber 1, 1982 <br />C. SPECIAL REPORTS: <br />1. Reports from Standing Committees: none <br />2. Reports from Ptd Hoc Committees: Report from Committee to Review CO ttees <br />Chairman Hillestad referred to the draft report before Council and noted that a <br />study session was scheduled for September 29, 1982. A notice of this meeting would <br />be sent to all members of the present standing connittees and comments were encouraged. <br />3. Reports from the Planning Commission: none <br />4. Presentations from the Floor: <br />Frank Ruona, General Manager, Piazza Construction Company, addressed the Council <br />and stated for the record that he was requesting Council action to approve or <br />dispute the billing from Piazza. He referred to warrant #8320 which had been <br />approved earlier in the meeting and noted that more money was due to Piazza than <br />the warrant for $8,350.57. <br />The City Attorney noted that several letters had been sent to Piazza cono?rning <br />this matter and they had already received payment of approximately $400,000. <br />MOTION SEODMED ADD CARRIED: Moved by Allison, seconded by Hillestad and passed <br />unanimously to have a report and reoammendation regarding Piazza prepared by staff <br />and presented at the next Council meeting. <br />t D. STAFF - REPORTS, OORRESP)NDENCE AM ANNOUNCEMENTS: <br />` 1. City Manager: <br />a) Surcharge Rate for Solid Waste Management (JPA) <br />MOTION MADE AND SECONDED: Moved by Proft, seconded by Hillestad to establish a <br />JPA surcharge rate of 8.98 to replace the existing $1.00 flat rate. <br />MOTION MADE AND SECONDED: Moved by Allison, seconded by Proft to change the surcharge <br />rate to 5.48 from the proposed 8.98. <br />Council and staff discussed the reasons behind the 8.98 figure. The Acting City <br />Manager noted that of the 8.98 only a portion was to be used for the JPA; part of <br />this amount was for the cost of staff time. Allison did not feel that more money <br />should be collected than was actually required for the JPA. The City Attorney <br />stated that these funds would be restricted. <br />In view of the City Attorney's statement that the funds would be restricted, Allison <br />withdrew his motion to change the rate to 5.48. <br />DDTION SEODDDED AND CARRIED: Dbved by Proft, seconded by Hillestad and passed by the <br />following roll call vote to establish a JPA surcharge rate of 8.98 to replace the <br />existing $1.00 flat rate. <br />AYES: Mayor Perkins and Councilmembers Hillestad, Proft and van Tamelen <br />kw NOES: Councilman Allison <br />-2- <br />