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CITY COUNCIL MINUMS - October 6, 1982 <br />B. CONSENP CALENDAR (continued): Itens Removed <br />`, 2. Approval of Warrants: $104,960.26 <br />The Acting City Manager requested that warrants #8371, 8391 and 8391 be removed <br />from the warrant list pending further information from the Sheriff's Department <br />and Motorola. <br />MOTION SEOCIDID AND CARRM: Moved by Hillestad, seconded by van Tamelen and <br />passed unanimously by all members present to remove warrants #8371, 8391 and 8392 <br />and to approve the balance of the warrant list: $82,296.78. <br />aM • • •a al• <br />1. Reports of Startling Co mittees: none <br />2. Reports of Ad Hoc Co mittees: <br />a) Pd Hoc Cannittee on Law Enforcemnt <br />Allison requested discussion of this item be continued to the next meeting. <br />b) Ad Hoc Committee to Review Committees <br />van Tsmelen reported that a study Session had been held on September 29, 1982 <br />to discuss the committee's report on reorganization of the Town's committees. <br />van Tamelen further commuted sited that the session had been very positive and pro- <br />ductive. A report was being prepared which included the input from the study <br />y session and would be presented for discussion at the next Council meeting. <br />3. Reports from the Planning Cacmissim: none <br />4. Presentations from the Floor: none <br />'Iml'tf' 119'1 •� I�JI M 11 • M9 1? <br />1. City Manager: <br />a) Report from Fox & Carskadon <br />Jackie Wolfe Fox and Carskadon, presented a brief report to the Council which <br />included the following: the tract map and directional signs were in place, adver- <br />tising signs were at the entrance to Matadero Creek, and advertising included the <br />Los Altos Town Crier, the Peninsula Times, the San Francisco Chronicle and the <br />San Jose Mercury. <br />Frank Saul, 27977 Via Ventana, asked if the signs being placed on the property <br />met the Town'srequirements. Staff noted this matter would be investigated. <br />b) Staff salary report <br />The Acting City Manager noted that his report on staff salaries would be presented <br />to Council at the next meeting. <br />-2- <br />