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CITY COU4CIL MINUTES - May 19, 1981 <br />B. PUBLIC SAFETY REPORT (continued): <br />Hillard Reiser. 27660 Red Rock Rc <br />commented on the good response time to police, fire and emergency medical situa- <br />tions which, in their opinion, the Tuan was presently experiencing. <br />of Rohnert Park reiterated that they were available to answer any questions Council <br />may have concerning the feasibility study. Mr. Dennett noted that he had heard <br />no criticism regarding the current police and fire protection; however, the <br />problem was financial. The services were becoming more expensive every year. <br />In a public safety department the traditional roles of police and fire were inte- <br />grated and the members of that department were constantly involved in a variety <br />of activities, i.e. police, fire, public service programs. Cross -training of <br />personnel was possible. Mr. Dennett expressed the opinion that the public male <br />the issue of cross -training much more complicated than it actually was. <br />Council responded to several comments that had been made. Nystron noted that <br />the members of a public safety department would go through an extensive training <br />progran and service would be equal to if not better than what is presently <br />available. McReynolds stated that the basic issue seemed to be response time and, <br />in his opinion, with a public safety department response time in the Town would <br />be excellent. Perkins submitted for the Council's information a mem dated <br />May 19, 1981 which included general information on the matter of public safety <br />which he had compiled. He further stated that he had examined several years of <br />statistics concerning the fire loss record for the Town. In his opinion the <br />problem was presently not well defined. Perkins suggested possible alternatives <br />using the best of both approaches (current system as opposed to public safety), <br />i.e. the use of the roving car approach for fire safety. <br />MDTION SECONDED AND CARRIED: Moved by Nystrom, seconded by McReynolds and passed <br />by the following roll call vote to take the next step toward implementing the <br />public safety concept for Ins Altos Hills and, if so desired, for the Eire Protec- <br />tion District and to take action on the following four approaches, requesting the <br />City Attorney's opinion on each approach: 1) File with LAEVO to wit draw from <br />the District; 2) Discuss the formation of a public safety department that would, <br />through contractual agreements, keep the fire district intact and would perhaps <br />service the entire district; 3) Request the introduction of legislation that <br />would change the District to a Public Safety District; and 4) Change the District <br />to a service district which can be done by the County Board of Supervisors. <br />AYES: Councilmenbers Hillestad, McReynolds and Nystnan <br />NDES: Mayor Prof: and Councilman Perkins <br />Robert Cheney, 10737 Magdalena, suggested that the Ad Hoc Public Safety Committee <br />look into the four approachesand report back to Council. <br />-2- <br />