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CITY OJUNCIL MINUSES - June 15, 1981 <br />B. <br />CONSENT CALENDAR (continued) <br />v <br />The City Attorney recc mended that Item B.4.a), Lands of Fowle, be continued <br />to the second meeting in July. With the adoption of the Resolution, it was <br />now appropriate to draw up an agreement between the Town and Mr. and Mrs. <br />Powle regarding thededicationof certain property and the payment of specified <br />fees. <br />bDTION SEOONDED ASID CARRIED: Moved by Hillestad, seconded by Perkins and passed <br />unanimously to continue Lands of Fowle, Cancellation of Williamson Act Contract <br />to the second meeting in July. <br />C. <br />SPECIAL REPORTS: <br />1. Reports of Standing Cammittees: none <br />2. Reports of Ad Hoc Committees: <br />Councilwoman Hillestad thanked everyone who worked toward making the Town Parade/ <br />Country Fun Day on May 30, 1981 a tremendous success. <br />3. Reports from the Planning Comission: <br />Co missioner Lachenhruch asked Council the status of the Ordinance on walls <br />and fences. Staff replied that this matter had been referred back to the <br />Planning Co mission at the March 16, 1981 Council meeting for clarification of <br />certain sections. Presently the ordinance was with the City Attorney for a <br />�" <br />legal opinion and would be placed on the Council agenda in the near future. <br />4. Presentations from the Floor: <br />Mayor Proft took this opportunity to present a Proclamation to John W. Corkern <br />for his work on the planning and installation of the landscape planting on the <br />E1 Monte Island. Mayor Proft further proclaimed June 17, 1981 as Eagle Scout <br />Recognition Day in Ips Altos Hills in honor of John W. Corkern. <br />D. <br />STAFF - REPORTS, ODRRESPONDENCE AND ANNOUNCEMEQSPS: <br />1. City Manager: <br />a) Director of Public Safety <br />The City Manager distributed to Council a copy of the job specifications for <br />Director of Public Safety. <br />b) Budget 1981-82 <br />The City Manager was finalizing budget figures and the budget for 1981-82 would <br />be sent to Council in the near future. <br />C) Senate Bill 102 <br />The City Manager referred to the 6/12/81 letter from Senator Dan O'Keefe giving <br />C <br />an update on the status of SB102. This bill passed the Senate Floor on 6/11/81 <br />�r <br />in a version which removed any particular total amount of subvention losses to <br />cities and counties. Senator O'Keefe had voted against SB102 on the Senate Floor <br />but planned to offer an amendment to the Bill when it came before the Conference <br />Committee. <br />-2- <br />