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CITY COUNCIL MINUTES - June 15, 1981 <br />t D. STAFF - REPORT'S, ODRRESPONDENCE AM AtMUNCEME,NTS (continued) <br />�r 1. City Manager (continued) : <br />d) Arastra Property <br />The City Manager presented a status report on the Arastra Property Study as <br />received from William Zaner, City Manager of Palo Alto and dated 6/11/81. <br />The task force/consultant firm has angileted several tasks and planned to <br />present a "progress report" at an informal joint meeting of the Palo Alto <br />Planning Ca'mission and City Council probably in early August. <br />e) Matadero Creek Subdivision <br />The City Manager reported that the public hearing on the negative declaration <br />and tentative map for the Matadero Creek Subdivision had been continued from <br />the last Planning Ccmission meeting to their meeting on 6/24/81. In order <br />to avoid further delays Council had set their public hearing on the subdivision <br />for July 1, 1981. The City Manager further commented that a discussion of <br />methods of funding improvements would be scheduled for the July meeting. <br />Perkins suggested that a status report on the Matadero Creek Subdivision be <br />placed as a regular item on each Council Agenda. He further requested an ongoing <br />written statement comparing the present status with the original time schedule. <br />McReynolds, on the other hand, expressed the opinion that this matter could be <br />regularly discussed as part of the City Manager's Report. <br />2. City Attorney: <br />a) Adobe Creek Recreational Facilities, Inc. <br />The City Attorney asked Council if they wished this corporation to be con- <br />tinued, to be formally dissolved or tobe eventually suspended. After a dis- <br />cussion of the pros and cons of suspending the corporation, Council asked <br />the City Attorney to report back at the next Council meeting with a breakdown <br />of figures on how much it would cost to suspend the corporation and then form <br />a new corporation in the future if the need arose. Council would wait for the <br />City Attorney's report before deciding whether to continue or suspend the cor- <br />poration. <br />E. SPECIAL ORDERS: <br />1. ordinance # amending Chapter 5 entitled "Zoning" of the Los Altos <br />Hills Municipal Cade by adding Sections 9-5.209, 9-5.212, 9-5.215, <br />9-5.226 and 9-5.227, and by amending Sections 9-5.210, 9-5.232, 9-5.502, <br />9-5.504, and subsection (a) and the title of Section 9-5.503 thereof, <br />and by renumbering certain sections thereof <br />Perkins noted for the record that a copy of the ordinance was before Council <br />which shared some grammatical changes. These changes which had been made at his <br />suggestion were strictly for clarification Purposes and did not change the <br />original intent of the ordinance. Hillestad observed that perhaps these changes <br />should be reviewed by the Planning Ccmission for their camients before Council <br />considered the Ordinance. <br />Q9D <br />