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CITY COUNCIL MINUTES - July 1, 1981 <br />g B. CONSENT CALENDAR: (continued) <br />�r Item Removed: <br />5. Resolution for Adoption: <br />b) Resolution #setting the time and place of public hearing on the <br />formation of -an -assessment district <br />MOTION SEWNDED AM CARRTFD: Moved by Proft, seconded by McReynolds and passed <br />unanimously by all members present to continue this item to the next meeting. <br />C. SPECIAL REPORTS: <br />1. Reports Of Standing Committees: none <br />2. Reports of Ad Hoc Committees: none <br />3. Reports from the Planning Commission: none <br />4. Presentations from the Floor: none <br />D. STAFF - REPORTS, CORRESPONDENCE AMID ANNOUNCEMENTS: <br />1. City Manager's Report: <br />a) VANTRANS <br />The City Manager recCUMended that Council adopt a Resolution requesting the <br />Metropolitan Transportation Commission grant the allocation of funds to support <br />the Town's participation in the Vantrans Program. This program provides trans- <br />portation service to the senior citizens and the handicapped in Town. <br />M7TION SECONDED AMID CARRIED: Moved by Perkins, seconded by Proft and passed <br />unanimously by all members present to adopt Resolution #1364 authorizing the <br />filing of a claim with the Metropolitan Transportation Commission for alloca- <br />tion of transportation development act funds for fiscal year 1981-82 <br />b) Santa Clara County Municipal Solid Waste Management Program <br />The City Manager discussed the 6/24/81 report from the City of Mountain View <br />which outlined their options regarding solid waste management. Mountain View <br />was suggesting that they do not remain in the JPA Program. The City Manager <br />recaanended to Council that they suggest Mountain View remain in the JPA and <br />an atteWt be made to work out any present problems. Perkins asked the City <br />Manager to prepare a report outlining the facts, ficures and options for the Town <br />in this area. <br />PASSED By CONSENSUS: To direct the City Manager to send a letter to the City <br />of Mountain View reccmmending that they remain in the JPA. <br />2. City Attorney's Report: <br />a) Adobe Creek Recreational Facilities, Inc. <br />MDTION ds and pas <br />unanimousllyNDED AM CARRLED: Moved ot <br />y by all members present to continue the corporrationy Perkins, ended by eand lto pay theme <br />minimum annual tax of $200. <br />-2- <br />