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CITY COUNCIL MINUTES - October 21, 1981 <br />D. CONSENT CALEmAR (continued): <br />Items Remved: <br />2. Approval of warrants: $91,821.00 <br />Andrew Allison, 27360 Natuna Read, asked which items on the warrant list <br />were associated wi Y--- safety department? The City Manager <br />responded that there was one item #7347. <br />MOTION SECOPIDED AMID CARRIED: Moved by McReynolds, seconded by Nystrom and <br />passed by the following roll call vote to approve the warrants - $91,821.00: <br />AYES: Councilmenbers Hillestad, McReynolds and Nystrom <br />LADES: Mayor proft and Councilman Perkins <br />4. Resolutions for AdoPtion: <br />a) Resolution # approving and authorizing execution of an <br />agreement between the City of the Town of Los Altos Hills and <br />Gordon Penfold. <br />The following residents addressed the Council and expressed their opposition <br />to the proposed agreement with Gordon Penfold. They questioned the agree- <br />ment in view of the recent LAFCD decision to not allow the Town to withdraw <br />frau the Los Altos Fire Protection District. In addition to requesting more <br />information and more time for public input, they also had serious questions <br />p regarding the agreement's stipulation that Mr. Penfold was an independent <br />�r contractor with the Tann. <br />Diane Miller 13435 Thendara Way, requested clarification regarding the <br />resolution which established the Public Safety Department. Mildred Gallo, <br />25720 La Lanne Court, requested assurance that before the current services <br />were suspended, the residents would be duly informed. Druce T'hanpson, 12500 <br />Corbett, Lane and Chairman of the Ad Hoc Public Safety Cacmittee, read part <br />of a Letter to Editor frau the San Jose Mercury dated 10/16/81. The letter <br />was titled "Short-staffed patrols lose more deputies". In addition to support- <br />ing the agreement with Mr. Penfold, Mr. Thomason expressed serious concern <br />about the lack of police patrols in the Tann in recent weeks. <br />The City Manager read the agreement which outlined the functions and duties <br />of the Director of Public Safety and which also listed the payments <br />benefits. (A cOpy of this agreement is on file at Town Hall.). He continued <br />to explain that the Tann would reapply to LAEM when appropriate and despite <br />the questions concerning fire protection, police protection was a necessity. <br />Regarding Mr. Penfold's request to be an 'independent contractor', the City <br />Manager noted that the Tuan was still responsible and it was a viable option. <br />-2- <br />