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CITY COUNCIL MINUTES - October 21, 1981 <br />B, CONSENP CALENDAR (continued): <br />`. a) Resolution # approving and authorizing execution of an <br />agreement between the City of the Town of Los Altos Hills and <br />Cordon Penfold (continued) <br />Nr. Gordon Penfold, Director of Public Safety, addressed the Council and in <br />addition to giving a brief history of his past association with the Town, he <br />outlined his goals and objectives for the pubic safety department. He further <br />explained why, at this time, he preferred to be an 'independent contractor' <br />with the Town. <br />Council had a lengthy discussion regarding this agreement. In response <br />to a resident's request, McReynolds gave a brief overview of the formation <br />of the public safety department. Proft and Perkins expressed serious con- <br />cerns regarding certain payments and benefits stipulated in the agreement <br />and also regarding the position of 'independent contractor'. <br />MOTION SECONDED AND CARRIED: Moved by Nystrom, seconded by McReynolds and <br />passed by the following roll call vote to adopt Resolution #1388 approving <br />and authorizing execution of an agreement between the City of the Tom of 1,os <br />Altos Hills and Gordon Penfold. <br />AYES: Councilrembers Hillestad, McReynolds and Nystrom <br />NOES: Mayor Proft and Councilman Perkins <br />c1 between1Hills Littleroving League,IInc. an authorizing <br />of <br />termination n of Loses <br />Altos Hills <br />d) Resolution # approving and authorizing issuance of a revocably <br />license to the Hills Little League, Inc. <br />McReynolds requested these items be removed because he was not sure of their <br />purpose and wanted staff to prepare a report for clarification purposes. <br />PASSED BY CONSENSUS: To continue Items B.4c) and B.4d) to the next Council <br />Meeting and to direct the City Manager to discuss this matter with Richard <br />Rydell and to provide a written report to the Council. <br />C. SPECIAL REPORTS: <br />1. Reports of Standing Canmittees: none <br />2. Reports of Ad Hoc COMittees: none <br />3. Reports from the Planning Commission: <br />Richard Rydell's letter concerning the parking fees at Foothill College was <br />discussed. It was agreed that the City Manager would continue to monitor this <br />situation and would report back to Council and Mr. Rydell. <br />QME <br />