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4.- CITY COUNCIL <br /> TOWN OF LOS ALTOS HILLS <br /> MINUTES OF AN ADJOURNED REGULAR MEETING <br /> January 22, 1962 <br /> The Regular Adjourned Meeting of the City Council of the Town of Los <br /> Altos 'ills was called to order by Mayor Wm. B; ClaytononmMond o, n-s <br /> Jan- <br /> uary 22, 1962 at 7:47 J . M. at the Town Hall, 26379 + <br /> Altos Hills. <br /> ROLL CALL: PRESENT: Councilmen Aiken, Fowle , Henley, Sherlock, <br /> Mayor Clayton <br /> MINUTES: January 8, 1962. <br /> Correction: Page 3, Page Ti11 Road Sewer - Add, "ACTION: <br /> That the Notion as amended be :approved. <br /> MOTION : Aiken; SECOND: Fowle; <br /> VOTE: Passed unanimously" <br /> ACTION: <br /> Adopt Minutes of Jan. 8, 1962 as corrected. <br /> COMMUNICATIONS: <br /> 1. R. W. Keenan, Pres. Los Altos Library Com= fission - Letter of <br /> Jan. 8, 1902 requested the approval of the reappointment of Mr. <br /> Francis B. Duveneck, Jr. to the Los Altos Library Comission. <br /> ACTION: <br /> That the reappointment of Mr. Duveneck as representative of <br /> Los altos Hills on the Lcs Altos Library Commission be ap- <br /> proved. <br /> MOTION: Fowle ; SECOND: Henley; VOTE: Passed unanimously <br /> 2. Fred W. Axford - Letter rega.:ding aban:onrent of well in the Gover <br /> Subdivision. <br /> The Mayor directed the City Manager and Attorney to submit a writ- <br /> ten report to the Council at the next meeting. <br /> 3. E. G. Kern - Letter of Jan. 13, 1962. cited problems relative to <br /> negotiations with the Div. cA ruga: ding the 6roposed <br /> Junipero Serra Freeway. <br /> Deferred to discussion of the Freeway Agreement. <br /> 4. Raymond F. Rohrs, Councilran of City of Palo Alto - Invitation to <br /> the Council to be represented at a dinner meeting at the Golden <br /> lir Hoof Restaurant in Los Altos Wed. , Jan. 31, 1962 at 7:00 P. M. to <br /> discuss a direct traffic connection between the proposed Foothill <br /> Expressway and San Antonio Road. <br /> Councilmen Aiken and Henley will attend the meeting. <br />