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CITY COUNCIL <br /> TOWN OF LOS ALTOS HILLS <br /> MINUTES OF A REGULAR MEETING <br /> August 6, 1962 <br /> The Regular Meeting of the City Council of the Town of Los Altos Hills <br /> was called to order by Mayor Wm. B. Clayton Monday, August 6, 1962 at <br /> 7:50 P. N. at the Town Hall, 26379 Fremont Rd. , Los Altos Hills, Cali- <br /> fornia. <br /> ROLL CALL: PRESENT: Councilmen Aiken, Henley, Sherlock, Mayor Clayton <br /> ABSENT: Councilman Fowle <br /> MINUTES: July 16, 1962. <br /> ACTION: <br /> Adopt Minutes of July 16, 1962 as submitted. <br /> COMMUNICATIONS: <br /> 1. Santa Clara Co. Trafficways Committee - Agenda of Regular Meeting to <br /> be held Aug. 8, 1962 at 7: 30 F. M. in San Jose. <br /> 2. Santa Clara Co. Boundary Commission - Notice of proposed annexation, <br /> designated as De Ansa 62-25-A to the City of Sunnyvale. <br /> 3. Rolf Siegfried Meyer - Claim for Damages against the Town of Los <br /> Altos Hills for accident occurring on Page Mill Rd. near Alexis Dr. <br /> The City Attorney recommended the Claim be denied. <br /> ACTION: <br /> That the Claim of Rolf Siegfried Meyer be denied. <br /> MOTION : Henley; SECOND : Sherlock; VOTE: Passed unanimously <br /> ANNOUNCEMENTS: None . <br /> COMMITTEE REPORTS: <br /> 1. Freeway Agreement - Mayor Clayton. <br /> The Mayor announced that he had been unable to arrange a meeting <br /> with the Division of Highways Officials , but felt that a report can <br /> be made at the next meeting. <br /> 2. Fremont-Manuella Project - Water Line Relocation. <br /> Councilman Henley reported the Committee ' s recommendation that the <br /> Town compromise and pay one-half (34) the cost for relocation of <br /> Purissima Hills County Water District 's water lines in Fremont Road ; <br /> that the matter be explored by the Town's Counsel and the Water <br /> District ' s Counsel in an effort to reach an agreement for solving <br /> other such problems in the future. <br /> ACTION: <br /> That the Town accept one-half 00 of the cost for the relo- <br />