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• <br /> CITY COUNCIL <br /> TOWN OF LOS ALTOS HILLS <br /> MINUTES OF A REGULAR MEETING <br /> August 20, 1962 <br /> The Regular Meeting of the City Council of the Town of Los Altos Hills was <br /> called to order by Mayor Wm. B. Clayton Monday, August 20, 1962 at 7:49 P.M. <br /> at the Town Hall, 26379 Fremont Rd. , Los Altos Hills , California. <br /> ROLL CALL: PRESENT: Councilmen Fowle, Sherlock, Mayor Clayton <br /> Councilman Henley arrived at 8:22 P. M. • <br /> ABSENT: Councilman Aiken <br /> MINUTES : August 6, 1962. <br /> ACTION: <br /> Adopt Minutes of August 6, 1962 as submitted. <br /> COMMUNICATIONS: None. <br /> ANNOUNCEMENTS: <br /> 1. Santa Clara County Inter-City Council - Announcement of Regular Meet- <br /> ing to be held Sept. 6, 1962 at the Hecker Pass Inn, Gilroy. <br /> Councilman Sherlock and Mayor Clayton will attend . <br /> COMMITTEE REPORTS: <br /> 1. Hillview Drive Extension. <br /> Mayor Clayton reported that he hadmet with Mr. James Fott , Ass 't . <br /> Director of Public Works , S. C. County, relative to the proposed ex- <br /> tension of Hillview Ave. (Palo Alto) through Stanford lands to con- <br /> nect with Fremont Road (Los Altos Hills) and abandoning West Fremont <br /> • <br /> Avenue. <br /> The Mayor stated that it was Mr. Pott ' s opinion that the road could <br /> be funneled back within the Palo Alto limits to a two lane road to <br /> join Fremont Rd. , rather than'extending the proposed four-lane road to <br /> the Palo Alto city limits. <br /> Mr. R. W. Towle , Mr. Gaidrar Bullis and Mr. Sidney W. Treat commented <br /> in protest to the four-lane, road joining Fremont Road . <br /> Mr. Salfen suggested that traffic could be diverted from the proposed <br /> extension of Hillview Avenue westerly to the general direction of the <br /> Foothill Expressway, and that Arastradero Road be improved up to the <br /> railroad tracks. <br /> ACTION: <br /> That is is the sense of this Council to express mo the County <br /> of Santa Clara, the City of Palo Alto, and Stanford University <br /> that , in the relocation of Hillview Avenue an effort be made <br />