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Minutes of an Adjourned Regular Meeting <br /> June 4, 1991 <br /> Town of Los Altos Hills <br /> City Council Meeting <br /> Tuesday,June 4, 1991, 7:15 P.M. <br /> Town Hall, 26379 Fremont Road <br /> 1. CALL TO ORDER <br /> Mayor Siegel called the Adjourned Regular Meeting of the City Council to <br /> order at 7:20 p.m. at Town Hall. <br /> Present: Mayor Siegel and Councilmembers Casey, Hubbard, Johnson <br /> and Tryon. <br /> Absent: None <br /> Staff: Acting City Manager Richard DeLong, Recently Appointed <br /> City Manager Les Jones, Director of Public Works <br /> Bill Ekern, City Treasurer Louise Parmett, Financial <br /> Consultant Janice Bowman and City Clerk Pat Dowd <br /> Press: None <br /> 2. STUDY SESSION: 1991-92 PROPOSED TOWN BUDGET <br /> PASSED BY CONSENSUS: To approve the following changes to the <br /> proposed budget: <br /> Employees to receive 5% cost of living increase July I. <br /> Add CITYLINK computer network. <br /> Add summer intern from Foothill College <br /> Add annual assessment from Congestion Mangement Agency <br /> Delete dues to Intergovernmental Council. <br /> Reduce number of Newsletter issues from four to three <br /> Contribute $400 to the July 4th "Tribute to the Troops" Celebration and <br /> iheir eliminate the Miscellaneous Contributions Category. <br /> June 4, 1991 <br /> 1 <br />